Welcome to Pro Touch-Ups

Specializing in matching color, texture and sheen to erase damage and keep your interior surfaces looking their best.

Professional touch-ups, refinishing and repairing Venetian plaster, stone, concrete and other surfaces in Napa County, Sonoma County and the San Francisco Bay Area.



Experiencing air pockets or inconsistent texture issues? Have unsightly cracks developed on your floors? We’ve got you covered. Learn more.


Are electrical outlets distracting eye sores against your stone surfaces? Do you have small chips on corners and edges that are sharp to the touch? Pro Touch-ups has solutions for you. Learn more.

Venetian Plaster

Is your Venetian plaster chipped and marred from heavy foot traffic? Have soap or wine stains absorbed into the walls around sink areas? Even large patch jobs are seemingly erased with Pro Touch-ups color matching expertise. Learn more.

Wall Paper

Is the wallpaper in your powder room stained with splashes from soap? Does the decorative pattern line up consistently throughout your space? Do you have light seams between papers showing too strongly? These are easy fixes and Pro Touch-ups can help. Learn more.


Are your wood floors dented or scratched from a recent move? Has sun damage resulted in color fading or peeling on your wood surfaces? Pro Touch-ups is your easy solution. Learn more.


If you did not see a category for the repair job you’re seeking please submit your repair questions and we will be happy to guide you in selecting the best repair option for your surfaces.